Training and the creation of a shared culture of circularity are the basis for transformation.
We offer experiences, training programs and resources for individuals and teams who want to take a step towards creativity with positive impact.


Bio Lab

A weekend to explore Biomimicry, learn how to make projects inspired by Nature and share.

Circular Vortex

Culture and training on Sustainability and social impact. Circular Economy Escape Room, two people trying to decipher something in a dark environment with a warm light on the table.
Immersive ESCAPE ROOM: enter Spaceship Earth and learn how to create a circular business model.

Futura Regenera

FUTURA REGENERA, futures design workshop by Monnou. Collective ideation session with postits on a table, black and white.
Explore and design regenerative and positively impactful future scenarios for your organization, your project or your environment.


Aerial view of a digital brand manual
Stay tuned for more information about our upcoming positive impact programs.


Our Creative Regeneration methodology connects the context of our brands, with our purpose and strategy, with our concrete actions. It is a living methodology, which is nourished by each project and continuous research. In this section, you have access to different resources of our methodology that you can use to gain clarity in your projects and in your brand's strategy.

Monnou Methodology: introduction

Monnou Methodology: example project

Designing a sustainable and beautiful world

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