BCorp Transformation

The BCorp movement is about making business a force for good. It is about designing businesses that benefit all people, communities and the planet.

We tell you more about the BCorp movement and brand transformation here.

Benefits of being part of the B community

monnou methodology chart

Community and synergies

Be part of a global community aligned with positive impact, where synergies emerge and brands collaborate to innovate.

Global recognition and brand image

BCorp certification is a global and holistic seal, recognized worldwide, that contemplates the highest standards of sustainability and social impact. It communicates commitment to the different areas of sustainability and social impact with a single seal.

Strategy and planning

The B Impact Assessment tool not only allows you to understand and improve the social and environmental impact of your brand. It also brings clarity and order to the strategic aspects of your company.

Who will accompany you?

Pedro, co-founder of Monnou and accredited B multiplier, will accompany you on this BCorp transformation journey.
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In this process, we also have a network of collaborators who are specialists in various areas of sustainability. We also count on the rest of the BCorp community, including other B multipliers, who will help us overcome the challenges that arise during the process.
Pedro Sáez Martínez - photo at monnou studio

We apply our methodology for the transformation to a BCorp brand.

Designing a sustainable and beautiful world

Through our methodology, we create brands that not only have the best possible impact on them and their environment, but are also beautiful. Brands that anyone would want to work with. Committed brands. Inspirational brands.