Summer Bio Lab

A weekend to explore Biomimicry, learn how to make projects inspired by Nature and share.
A weekend to explore Biomimicry, learn how to make projects inspired by Nature and share.

Live a shared experience and learn from Nature

Learn new creative methods to develop sustainable projects inspired by nature.
Enjoy a weekend with diverse people to share and enrich your vision.
Experiment and create your own projects, products and artistic objects with biomaterials and nutrients from the environment.

Bio Lab is for you if:

You are a person aware of sustainability
You want to learn new creative tools to put them into practice

You enjoy experimenting and sharing with respect
You have a project in mind...

21 - 23 July 2023
Next edition of Bio Lab

Location: Camping Rural La Masía
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Creation of projects inspired by nature.

We will use methodologies to empathize with other living beings and to awaken our creativity. Thanks to the tools provided by the Biomimetic Institute, we will design new proposals for sustainable and nature-inspired ventures, products or any other solution.


We will create new circular, biodegradable and living materials. We will experiment with waste (which will cease to be waste! we will call them 'nutrients') from the environment, and from the production of local companies. 

Vegetable dyes.

We will experiment with vegetable dyes together with Amparo from Salut Textil, using nutrients from the environment and the production of local companies. We will be able to use textile pieces, create visual patterns using objects from our environment and even use these new vegetable dyes to change the color of our biomaterials.


We will carry out activities such as dance, theater or meditation, and we will have spaces for leisure and dispersion to simply connect as we feel like it at that moment. Getting to know each other and sharing is important to live an enriching experience!

Sponsorships and collaborations

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