Design the transformation

Our proprietary Creative Regeneration methodology allows us to design and manage brands and projects that want to have a positive impact. Our methodology allows us to offer a wide range of services.

Design with positive impact, considering three levels:
monnou methodology chart


Understand the context and impact of your brand. Project possible scenarios for your brand and study the opportunities for transformation and positive impact.


Clearly define your brand purpose and the proposal you offer to the world. Design strategies to make that transformation a reality in your brand and in your environment.


Design your brand experience down to the last detail: the products and services you offer, your communication, and every action your brand takes.


Our Creative Regeneration methodology connects the context of our brands, with our purpose and strategy, with our concrete actions. It is a living methodology, which is nourished by each project and continuous research. In this section, you have access to different resources of our methodology that you can use to gain clarity in your projects and in your brand's strategy.

Monnou Methodology: introduction

Monnou Methodology: example project

We are B multipliers - we accompany you in the BCorp transformation.

What they say about our methodology

The most outstanding aspect of Monnou's methodology is that it allows, from a 360┬║ vision, to be aware of the environmental and social impact they have, and consequently take action on it. His ability to concretize and follow a common thread throughout the process is noteworthy, helping to translate vague ideas into concrete actions.
Thais Glod

CEO of Innobound.

This is the first time I have followed such a complete methodology - it has helped me to organize my mind, clarify concepts and company strategies. Many times, when you want to grow your project, first you have to become aware of what your project is like. This type of methodology helps you become aware of what your company is like, and if you do it, and you know it, it will help you grow.
Rosa Martinez

CEO of IntegrAzafatas

It is a very interesting methodology that makes you analyze your organization from different points of view linked to CSR and sustainability. It serves to establish strategic aspects and to review and set new strategies for improvement.
David Gay

Director of Innovation and Communication at ABSOTEC

Designing a sustainable and beautiful world

Through our methodology, we create brands that not only have the best possible impact on them and their environment, but are also beautiful. Brands that anyone would want to work with. Committed brands. Inspirational brands.